Use cases

Media & Entertainment

Use our algorithm to hash, encrypt and geodistribute, in one word: PROTECT your content. Newspapers, and movie and TV producers can watermark their files soon as the pre-production stage.

Content owner and authorised users always authenticated thanks to blockchains.

Project under control: define the timeframe during which authorised co-workers can interact with your production workflow.


Financial services

Current security standard exceeded by an additional level of security to keep exchanges and transactions safe.

Stakeholders are guaranteed that nobody intervened during transactions.

Regulator is provided means to control stakeholders’ workflows and transactions.

Customers’ data are put into vaults that only them can open.


Oil & Gas and Industry

Existing data production and storage sites are used to optimise security.

Maps, production, logistics, and distribution data are preserved.

Distribution grids are protected from hacking.

SCADA is shielded to keep from alteration.


IT, Telecom, Hosting services

Customers and partners’ content is stored and secure.

Existing datacenters are transformed into hardly penetrable vaults.

If a datacenter is hacked, ransomwares’ effects are annihilated as data is only accessible to hashing and encryption key owner.

Existing networks are converted into highly secure information highways.



Customers and users are identified and authenticated thanks to their unique encryption key.

Direct transmissions and transactions are secure.

Indirect transmissions and transactions between partners and customers are safe.

Both partners and customers are provided end-to-end clean and secure data.


Research & Education

Multi-site cooperation is optimised.

Every research center can be used as a datacenter on a secure grid.

User lists and data usage are put under scrutiny.

Intellectual Property efficiently protected.


Government organisations

Personal information and personnel data are protected.

Public archives are sanctuarized; the way they published, released, and shared is kept under control.

Real-time usage is monitored.

Unauthorized access and unusual behaviour are tracked.