Our solutions

SPRAID Storage

SPRAID provides an unprecedented fashion to store and secure your digital content.

Just push a button and hash, encrypt, and geodistribute your data over the storage locations you defined.


SPRAID Messager

SPRAID’s hashing and encryption algorithm applied to online and mobile messaging makes your communications highly difficult to intercept.

Sender and addressee are identified by their unique key.

If your communication is hacked, only useless hashed and encrypted bits of data are extracted.

As far as your device is not hijacked and you apply security hygiene, you keep yourself out of trouble.



Send hashed and encrypted messages and attachements to identified addresses.

Receive clean data from trusted senders.

Store messages and attachments on location your configured with the SPRAID fashion.


SPRAID Virtual Private Network

SPRAID applies its unique hashing and encryption process to shield your online communications.

Activate your SPRAID vpn and be sure you safely use your internet or mobile connection.

At last.


SPRAID Universal Connector

SPRAID provides services providers an unrivalled way to connect your customers to you partners.

Our connector secures end-to-end communications, transactions, and file transfers.

Switch on SPRAID Universal Connector and provide to your customer base new services they can trust.