Experience an unprecedented way to secure your online privacy.

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- Keep your personal documents and pictures private
- Avoid usage from 3rd party
- Bring your data everywhere with our mobile client


- Transform your datacenters into vaults
- Store your documents
- Define the people who can access your file directories
- Exchange data in a highly secure fashion


- Secure public archives and personal data
- Define user access
- Monitor real-time usage
- Track unauthorised access and unusual behaviour


SPRAID’s patent-pending, innovative software solution revolutionizes how data is stored, encrypted and retrieved.
And, most importantly, it ensures complete privacy.

Cutting-edge technology

With SPRAID, you get cutting-edge technology from the same person who invented software solutions for Fortune 500 companies that are still in use today.

What you get

- Secure distributed data storage
- Integrity check
- Ultra-secure vault
- Actions time-stamped by block chains.

How SPRAID works

SPRAID uses a unique process to safeguard your information.

Our innovative Geodistribution™ process ensures that encryption keys are also split to improve security and prevent unauthorized access from a lost or stolen workstation.

But what does that really mean?

Think of your digital files as a physical piece of paper.

The content is encrypted, then the paper is shredded. The shredded bits are divided into multiple locked bags, and each bag is placed into its own armored truck.
Each armored truck then delivers the locked bags to separate vaults.

SPRAID does the same with your electronic files.


• Cross-platform syncing

• Mobile file access

• File sharing

• Permission control

• File versioning

• Snapshot

• File locking

• Online editing/co-authoring

• User management/single sign-on

• Backup/data recovery

• Integration

Security / Encryption

• Two-factor authentication

• Server and client-side data encryption

• All data transfers will be protected by HTTPS/TLS protocol

• Remote wipe

We’ve come a long way since our first core software was compiled in 2015. As our team of innovators put their knowledge and skills to work, SPRAID grew from concept to real software and consumers began taking notice. We’ve made amazing progress and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. While our software is fully operational, we’re continuing to develop it to its fullest potential.

Our people

The SPRAID team is made of entrepreneurs and innovators with years of experience in business and technology. They’ve put their passion and knowledge to work to keep your data safe.
Laurent CIMA
Laurent CIMA
CoFounder & President
Bertrand GUEZEL
Bertrand GUEZEL
CoFounder & CEO
CoFounder & COO


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